Our Services

At PHENOMENATION Limited, we offer top-notch quality service delivery of unique value, in line with wealth creation, for the purpose of providing our partners with cutting-edge business opportunities, replete with unrivaled profits/benefits. Our services are categorized into three major areas, which are as follows:

  • Training/Coaching
  • Mentorship
  • Empowerment/Development

Our services are value driven, created to make a memorable mark of distinct! To be part of the life-changing business opportunity we offer, Contact Us


Partners that are registered with PHENOMENATION will undergo a mandatory training/coaching exercise. The exercise is tailor-made to train, coach, educate, enlighten and sensitize partners about the nitty-gritty of digital and connected economy, furnishing them with intimate knowledge needed to succeed in the business. Professionals with ingenious expertise will facilitate the training/coaching program. It will run for six (6) weeks, holding physically (on weekends) or virtually on the company’s official website, and other relevant social media platforms. Our training/coaching exercise is tilted towards the direction of:

  • Entrepreneurial skill
  • Marketing
  • Communication/PR
  • Financial intelligence


Leadership skill inherent in partners will be bolstered, through mentoring exercise that is meticulously put together to awaken the giant in partners. Successful leaders from various walks of life are to facilitate the mentorship exercise ardently and intensively, by increasing knowledge, building skills, developing and preparing partners for growth opportunities and future goals and milestones.


Youth development initiative, women empowerment, digital skill acquisition, leadership skills building, entrepreneurial skill acquisition/development, and the likes are the programs tailor-made for empowerment and development of our partners across Nigeria and the sub-Sahara West-African region.