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Financial independence is a stage in life born out of the knowledge about wealth creation. It is a goal many try to achieve, yet only few accomplish it, due to lack of ideas.

PHENOMENATION Limited connects people to systems and processes, to enable them manifest their financial dreams!

A Little About Us

PHENOMENATION Limited is a wealth creation company that fosters excellence in entrepreneurial skill, to engender human capital development and economic growth. Furthermore, the company is a business outfit on a mission to connect people to systems that can help them reach their goals. As a connector in the information, digital and connecting economy, we are partnered with Global Brands who are on the mission to provide unrivalled employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Our Vision

To build a Global Team, network, equip and empower people adequately, towards enabling them to build the capacity to achieve financial independence.

Our Mission

To create economic growth, through building the quality knowledge that attracts sustainable source of income that is effective.

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